1P-LSD (100 mcg Blotters)


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1cP-LSD microdose molecules in the form of paper blotters are ideal to continue your microdosing research at low cost. Read the instructions below and follow them carefully.



1P-LSD (100 mcg Blotters)

Research molecules such as 1cP-LSD are not approved for consumption by the Dutch Commodities Act. The customer is accountable and responsible for conducting research with this substance.  1P-LSD (100 mcg Blotters)

1cP-LSD blotters for microdosing research

Note: Please review the product images carefully for information on dividing a paper blotter

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1cP-LSD microdose molecule, also called 1-cyclopropionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide (1cP-LSD) is a semi-synthetic molecule from the class of basic chemical structure lysergic acid. 1cP-LSD is an analog of the organic compound lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). It is a so-called pro-drug of LSD and is often mentioned in the same breath as microdosing.

This substance is often described as a similar substance to LSD-25 and 1P-LSD. 1cP-LSD is a stable substance that does not break down quickly when it comes in contact with water or moisture. This makes 1cP-LSD able to be dissolved in other liquids without problems.

Recent research: 1cP-LSD compared to LSD

In March 2020, a scientific study was published that examined 1cP-LSD for conversion to LSD. It was conducted by a working group in California (led by Professor Halberstadt), who had already examined many other LSD analogues. The scientists dissolved 1cP-LSD in human blood serum and noted that it was simply converted to LSD. They also examined the response of mice to 1cP-LSD. The mice showed the same “head twitches” (a back and forth vibration of the head) as seen with LSD in mice – and at the same dosage. The researchers concluded that 1cP-LSD is an LSD prodrug, but that further clinical studies are needed to investigate the profile and potency of 1cP-LSD.

As 1cP-LSD is converted to LSD in the body, it is coupled to the 5HT2A serotonin receptors in the brain. These receptors are found primarily in the prefrontal cortex of our brain, which is involved in our cognitive planning, personality, decision-making and social behavior. This part of the brain is also called the “Default Mode Network” (DMN) because it is turned on when we are not focusing on anything in particular – our brain’s default mode of operation.

The serotonin receptors are slowed down by the 1cP-LSD, which significantly limits their ability to communicate. This leads to the well-known personality resolution of 1cP-LSD – the DMN becomes increasingly irrelevant and moves into the background. The other brain regions seem to benefit because they now have more resources and opportunities to communicate with each other.

These sometimes chaotic connections lead to effects such as synesthesia (mixing of the senses: feeling colors, seeing music, etc) and new perspectives of the patient on previous attitudes and problems. The entropy of the brain is increased such that the likelihood of personality change is permanently increased, as shown in this 2016 study.

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