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4-CL-PVP (4-Chloro-alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone) is a research chemical of the pyrrolidinophenone class. It is also a crystalline analog of a-PVP meaning that researchers have found this a great alternative!



Buy 4-Cl-PVP Online

What exactly is 4-CL-PVP?

The crystalline equivalent of a-PVP is 4-CL-PVP. It is a classical stimulant. 4-CL-PVP research investigations frequently produce findings of talkativeness, increased alertness, increased energy, and other stimulating effects. 4-CL-effects PVP’s often last less than three hours. Additionally, the substance has been reported to generate mild to severe euphoric effects. Researchers looking for a substitute for a-PVP will find 4-CL-PVP to be an acceptable substitute. 4-CL-PVP is a reuptake inhibitor of norepinephrine and dopamine. This fact contributes significantly to the stimulating properties of this chemical.

Legality of 4-CL-PVP

The majority of countries throughout the world have refrained from declaring 4-CL-PVP a banned chemical. This signifies that it is unplanned in the majority of locations. If you require additional information on the legal status of 4-CL-PVP, please contact your federal authorities.

Always store in a cool, dry location to ensure the longest possible shelf life. This product is meant solely for forensic and research purposes. As such, it is NOT meant for human consumption or any type of in vivo experimentation on animals or any other living entity.


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