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benzocaine /ben·zo·caine/ (-kān) a local anesthetic applied topically to the skin and mucous membranes; also used to suppress the gag reflex in various procedures Dorland’s Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers.



Buy Benzocaine Powder Online

Synonym: 4-Aminobenzoic acid ethyl ester, Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate
Benzocain was first described in 1895 by the German chemist Eduard Ritsert and approved for medical use in 1902 under  name
Benzocaine is a PABA derivative used primarily for topical application to skin and mucous membranes. It’s a local anesthetic of the ester type with a poor solubility in water. Its minimal rate of absorption after topical administration is associated with a low incidence of systemic toxicity. Benzocaine is contraindicated in patients with known sensitivity to ester-linked anesthetics or PABA-containing compounds.

Benzocaine is normally used as a topical pain reliever or as a common ingredient in cough drops. When Benzocaine is applied (can be used in multiple forms including lotion, gel, liquid, sprays etc) it temporarily numbs or blocks the nerve endings, which leads to a decreases in the amount of pain. Benzocaine is currently used as surface anesthetic as ointments (0.5%-5% solution of benzocaine) for wounds and ulcerated surfaces in horses, cattle and sheep applied twice a day until healing.


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