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Buy Heroin Online

Buying drugs online and through social media or on the dark web can be extremely dangerous with fatal consequences. The strength of drugs varies from batch to batch. Even the strength of the tablets in the same batch can vary. Illegal drugs do not have any quality control or safety checks. It might be that the drug that you think you are buying only forms small part of the product or is not even present at all. Illegal drugs are frequently made with other substances to bulk them out and increase the amount of money the seller makes. You cannot tell by looking at it is the drug will have the effect you are expecting, no effect at all, or have more dangerous side effects than you were expecting.

It is against the law to buy, possess, supply, import or unlawfully produce illegal drugs or psychoactive substances.

In addition to the legal risk, buying drugs on the dark web could put you at financial risk and risk of identity theft and fraud.

Keep yourself safe

  • The safest option is not to buy illegal drugs or psychoactive substances.
  • If you do purchase drugs online try a small amount first, increase the amount slowly and leave enough time for it to reach its maximum effect.
  • Be aware that it may take a few hours or more for the full effect of some drugs to be felt. A slow response does not necessarily mean it is a weak drug.
  • Do not use substances alone, make sure that someone is around and knows how to help you if you have a bad reaction or overdose.
  • WEDINOS is a service which provides anonymous testing of substances to give individual users and others rapid and accurate information on what the drug contains in a bid to reduce harms. It will not give information on how strong the drug is or show up differences in strength of drugs in the batch/new batches of drug.


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